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Cook Express

Cook Express Chicharon Bulaklak

Cook Express Chicken Chunks in Brine

Cook Express Chili Con Carne

Cook Express Premium Beef Tapa


Classic Demi Glace

Haco Beef Stock

Haco Chicken Stock

Haco Fish Stock

Hollandaise Sauce


Ibero Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ibero Pomace Oil

Ibero Pure Olive Oil


Aluminum Foil

Chefbake Baking Paper

Greaseproof Baking Paper

PVC Cling Wrap


Alba Parmesan Cheese

Chef's Selection Angus Burger Patty

Chef's Selection Quarter Pounder Beef Burger Patty

Chef's Selection Quarter Pounder Chicken Burger Patty

Chef's Selection Sausage Patty

Chef's Selection Value Beef Burger Patty

Chef's Selection Value Chicken Burger Pattiy

Compound Chocolate Block

Compound Chocolate Chips

Compound Chocolate Nuggets

Dark Gourmet Chocolate

Food Service All Purpose Dressing

Magnolia All-Purpose Dressing

Magnolia Butter-licious

Magnolia Cheese Sauce

Magnolia Cheesefood

Magnolia Cheezee

Magnolia Filled Cheese

Magnolia Gold Butter Unsalted

Magnolia Gold Lite

Magnolia Real Mayonnaise

Magnolia Sandwich Spread

Primex Shortening

Real/Couverture Chocolate Block

Real/Couverture Chocolate Nuggets

Star Margarine Chocolate

Star Margarine Classic

Star Margarine Classic 1kg


Baby Back Ribs

Beef Carcass (Regular Cut)

Beef Fats

Beef Forequarter 11 Ribs

Beef Neck

Boneless Head

Bottom Round

Eye Round

Lean Meat

Ox Feet (local)

Ox Liver (local)

Ox Tail

Ox Tongue

Ox Tripe (local)

Pata Front (1.3-1.6 kgs. up)

Pata Hind

Pork Belly (SLBI, Adobo Cut)

Pork Belly (SLBI, Slice)

Pork Belly (SOBL, Pulled Riibs)

Pork Belly (SOBL, Spareribs)

Pork Belly SLBL

Pork Belly SLBL (Sow Meat)

Pork Belly SOBI

Pork Belly SOBL

Pork Carcass

Pork Carcass Headless

Pork Carcass Headless Frozen Half

Pork Carcass Headless/Pata Frontless

Pork Heart

Pork Hock

Pork Leg (SLBI, Menudo Cut)

Pork Leg (SLBL, Slice)

Pork Leg (SLBL, Slice)

Pork Leg SLBL

Pork Leg SLBL (Sow Meat)

Pork Leg SOBI

Pork Leg SOBL

Pork Liver

Pork Loineye (Sow Meat)

Pork Lungs

Pork Shoulder (SLBL, Menudo Cut)

Pork Shoulder Butt

Pork Shoulder SLBL

Pork Shoulder SLBL (Sow Meat)

Pork Spareribs

Pork Steak (SLBL,Slice)

Pork Tenderloin

Porkloin (Skin-on/Bone-In)

Porkloin (Skinless/Bone-In)

Porkloin (Skinless/Boneless)

Porkloin (SLBI, Slice)

Porkloin (SLBI, Slice)

Porkloin (SLBL, Fatless)

Rib Eye

Rib Primal





Shoulder Blade





Top Round

San Mig Coffee

San Mig Coffee 100% Premium Instant Coffee

San Mig Coffee Brown

San Mig Coffee Chococino

San Mig Coffee Cremdensada

San Mig Coffee Fastbreak

San Mig Coffee Honeycino

San Mig Coffee Original

San Mig Coffee Salo-Salo Pack

San Mig Coffee Styro Cup Original

San Mig Coffee Sugar Free Mild

San Mig Coffee Sugar Free Original

San Mig Coffee Sugar Free Strong

San Mig Coffee Super

San Mig Coffee White

San Mig Mills

Bake Best Baking Powder

Bake Best Bread Improver

Baron All Purpose Flour

Countess Soft Flour

Emperor Hard Wheat Flour

Emperor High Gluten Flour

Harina De Pandesal

King Hard Wheat Flour

Mix 'N Bake Brownie Mix

Mix 'N Bake Crinkle Mix

Mix 'N Fry Pancake & Waffle Mix

Mix 'N Fry Yeast Raised Doughnut Mix

Mix 'N Steam Puto Mix

Monarch Hard Flour

Prince Noodle Flour

Princess Cake Flour

Queen Soft Wheat Flour

Royal Noodle Flour

Siopao Flour

Whole Wheat Flour


Diced Tomatoes

Whole Peeled Tomatoes


Mushroom Stems and Pieces

Whole Mushrooms

Value Added Meats

Chef's Selection

Chef's Selection Bangus Sardines

Chef's Selection Chicken Fillet

Chef's Selection Chicken Tapa

Chef's Selection Fully Cooked Chicken

Chef's Selection Mozzarella Cheese

Chef's Selection Pork Bacon

Chef's Selection Pork Sisig

Chef's Selection Premium Beef Mix

Chef's Selection White Pasteurized Processed Cheese Slice 14g (160 Slices)

Chef's Selection Yellow Pasteurized Processed Cheese Slice 14g (160 Slices)

Chef's Selections Chicken Tocino


Angus Franks

Beefies Jumbo Hotdog

Beefies Lots-a-Cheese Jumbo

Beefies Lots-a-Cheese Regular

Beefies Regular Hotdog

Cheese Franks

Chick N' Tasty Jumbo

Chick N' Tasty Regular

Chick N' Tasty With Cheese Regular

Fast N' Easy Carbonara Sauce

Fast N' Easy Corned Beef in Chubs

Fast N' Easy Marinara Sauce

Fast N' Easy Pasta Sauce

Fast N' Easy Sisig Cut

Fast N' Easy Special Chicken Sisig

FS Bacon Bits

FS Cheesedog

FS Hungarian

FS Pork Tocino

FS Premium Sausage Bockwurst 1kg

FS Premium Sausage Hungarian Cheese 1kg

FS Premium Sausage Schublig 1kg

German Franks

PF Corned Beef Hash 1.8kg X 6

PF Corned Beef Institutional 1.8kgX6

PF Pritong Manok 9-pc. Cut, 1 kg.

Primo D'Italia Beef Toppings

Primo D'Italia Chicken Pepperoni

Primo D'Italia Cooked Salami

Primo D'Italia Diced Bacon

Primo D'Italia Diced Ham

Primo D'Italia Italian Sausage

Primo D'Italia Luncheon Meat Slices

Primo D'Italia Pepperoni

Primo D'Italia Roast Beef

Primo D'Italia Sliced Bacon

Primo D'Italia Sliced Ham

Purefoods Bacon Crumble

Purefoods Crisp N' Juicy Drummets

Purefoods Crispy N' Juicy Drummets Beer Battered

Purefoods Crispy N' Juicy Drummets Buffalo Style

Purefoods Fiesta Ham ® Smoked Boneless

Purefoods Fiesta Ham ® Slices

Purefoods Fiesta Ham®

Purefoods Fun Nuggets 850g

Purefoods Fun Nuggets Stuffed Bacon & Cheese

Purefoods Honeycured Bacon Sliced

Purefoods Maple Flavored Bacon

Purefoods Star Cheezeedog Jumbo

Purefoods Star Footlong

Purefoods Star Hotdog Jumbo 1kg

Purefoods Star Hotdog Regular 1kg

Purefoods Tender Cuts Asado

Purefoods Tender Cuts Estofado

Purefoods Tender Cuts Patatim

Purefoods® Jamon Royale

Star Corned Beef

Tender Juicy Cheesedog

Tender Juicy Classic

Tender Juicy Cocktail

Tender Juicy Insti Jumbo

Tender Juicy Insti King

Tender Juicy Jumbo

Tender Juicy King Size

Vida Hotdog- Jumbo

Vida Hotdog- Regular