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The Widest Array of Food Solutions

At Great Food Solutions, we help you create inspired and innovative meals for your customers. We give you the widest array of food solutions - from menu and recipe development to packaging and presentation to customized product development - at the most reasonable costs. Plus, we are backed by the expertise of the San Miguel Group of Companies to aid you in training, marketing, and culinary services.

We are one of the most preferred food solutions providers in the Philippines. Our goal in the food service industry is to provide our customers total food business solutions by bringing together food service experts to assist food companies in identifying opportunities in line with your business goals and capabilities.

Customized Product Development

Whether you are in the process of launching a new food establishment, becoming a wholesale distributor or improving your menu offerings, Great Food Solutions can customize products tailor-made to your desired product specifications in the food service industry.

Menu Analysis, Ideation, and Costing

Our Team of Chefs from the San Miguel Purefoods Culinary Center, Great Food Solutions Product Development Specialists, and Sales and Marketing Professionals adhere to a clear-cut menu development process to aid you in your menu planning.

Single Face Account Management and Total Team Approach for Business Building

All customer transactions are coursed through one highly skilled sales representative, who in turn directs all concerns to respective departments to promote high responsiveness levels and quality after-sales service.

Marketing Support

We can help you develop solid marketing strategies to meet your business’ needs. Our access to corporate research network and extensive knowledge of the Philippine foodservice industry enable us to provide our clients with relevant information on consumer insights and the latest food trends.

Food Safety Training and Consultancy

We are proud to say that all our foodservice representatives are ServSafe® certified. Likewise, we conduct food service industry safety trainings and food handling seminars to our customers and their key personnel.

Quality Assurance Services / Food Laboratory Analysis

As one of the leading wholesale food suppliers and distributors, we employ strict controls and safety procedures to guarantee the freshness and quality of all our products. The Great Food Solutions Quality Assurance programs follow approved testing procedures to analyze safety and composition of every food product we manufacture and deliver to our customers.